About The National FastDance Association

Our Credo:
"We have formed to promote, preserve, and pass on to future generations all of our various FastDance styles including Bop, Shag, East and West Coast Swing, Imperial Swing, Jitterbug, Hand Dance, Push, Whip, Lindy, Lindy Hop, Hustle, Salsa, Balboa, Ballroom, country and Line Dance and the music thereof."

We are the largest dance organization in America. We are an organization that is of dancers, by dancers and for dancers. We are delighted at the growing number of dance clubs and organizations, groups and affiliated members who are uniting with us in our efforts. We welcome any and all dance organizations whether profit or non-profit who embrace our Credo. While conducting the business of our organization we are ever mindful of the fact that we are all dancers, WE LOVE TO PARTY, and we look for every opportunity to do so. Obviously, we feel very strongly about our dance and music heritage and the need to keep it alive and vibrant. To this end, we would like to invite and encourage you to join with us in our efforts.

If you are considering affiliating with us as a Full Member Club, there are a few important points to keep in mind:

1.  It is of no concern to us if your club is incorporated/chartered or not, or whether it is profit or non-profit.
2.  No requirement that your club has bylaws.
3.  No need to be referred or sponsored by another club.
4.  Any other NFA member club that may be in your area cannot block your club affiliation.
5.  We don't care if your club distributes a periodic newsletter or not or whether is is distributed by hard-copy or electronically.
6.  There are no annnual meetings, mandatory or otherwise.
7.  There are no initiation fees.
8.  Upon receipt of the membership form and dues (whether a Full Member Club or a Supporting Member), your club will become immediately affiliated with the NFA.  No Board or Committee voting on your membership is required.

Along with our many other offerings to our affiliated members, and to keep you up-to-date on all of the happenings within our national dance community, we electronically issue a very attractive and informative quarterly newsletter. If you would like to receive a complimentary copy, please contact us. While traveling around the country, if you're looking for a place to party and dance, check out our ever-expanding links page or clubs page for dance clubs all across America.

We are amazed and delighted at the resurgence of interest and participation in our music and dance styles in the last decade. Where there were once pockets here or there of Boppers, Swingers, Shaggers, etc, we now are seeing a proliferation of dance clubs and organizations and major dance conventions and events all across America. There are literally hundreds of parties or events for our dancers all around the country every weekend.

The Shag has moved Westward out of the Carolinas. Shaggers can be found as far North as New England and as far West as St. Louis and Utah. The Bop has extended its popularity out of the Southeast into the Northeast and Midwest. The Lindy or Lindy Hop is enjoyed all along the Eastern and Western seaboards. The Push and Whip are spreading in Texas and beyond. The Jitterbug, once nearly extinct as we've grown older, has had a rebirth in Chicago and areas of the Southeast. The Swing, whether East or West Coast, is currently the fastest growing fastdance style and Swing dance clubs can now be found in every major city.

Many dance conventions are offering spectacular and sophisticated national competitions for our dancers. The Shag and Swing communities are doing a great job in bringing in younger dancers in their teens. They are contributing a new excitement and vitality and are taking our dances to new levels of performance and enjoyment. Our basic 6- and 8-count dance styles make transitioning from one dance style to another very easy. East Coast dancers can dance with Shaggers. Boppers and Hand Dancers can easily dance with West Coasters. Jitterbuggers and Lindy Hoppers can play off one another. The dances and music (all triple-count for the most part), are all coming together to make a great blend and mixture of fastdance styles.

Within our national Fastdance community there is no better way to enjoy life than by dancing and partying, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The National FastDance Association exists to make this possible.