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The US Congress updated copyright provisions and in 1976 enacted what is known as the Copyright Act of 1976. This Act remains the primary basis of Copyright Law in the United States. The Act became Public Law number 94-533 October 19, 1976 and went into effect January 1, 1978. This is the authority under which the three PRO’s (Performing Rights Organizations), ASCAP, BMI and SESAC continue their enforcement as authorized by Congress. Though the three organizations are different in size of their music libraries, all have equal enforcement authority. ASCAP and SESAC can also sue for astronomical damages that can be equal to BMI or more. There are almost 180 social dance clubs affiliated with the National FastDance Association. Their leaderships have recognized and understood their fiduciary responsibilities to ensure that their club is not in violation of these Federal Copyrights Laws. All of the national multi-day dance events that have affiliated with us have moved to ensure that their event is properly licensed to present copyrighted music. By way of their affiliation, nearly all of our affiliated members have come under the national licensing umbrella that we have established with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. In the last couple of years ASCAP representatives have been concentrating on and contacting social dance clubs and multi-day dance events. Some of these clubs and events are shown herein as new members. In spite of all of the activity by ASCAP and BMI, there are still many social dance clubs and multi-day events that are unnecessarily flirting with disaster as they continue to avoid obtaining licenses for their dance activities. Become a member of the NFA today to avoid problems in the future.

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