Let's Talk About Mixers


All dance clubs have the same problem; How do we get our dancers to mix, mingle and ask others to dance?

“Mixers” are a great way to accomplish this, and they can be a lot of fun.

Two popular mixers are the Paul Jones and the Snow Ball. Both bring the dancers onto the dance floor. To set up the Paul Jones, the deejay calls all dancers onto the dance floor. Hopefully, most will come out. The women form a circle, hold hands and face inward. The men also form a circle inside the circle of women and face outward, facing the women. The men can also join hands if they want to. The music should be a song that is very long, 6-7 minutes, and the deejay should pitch the music to about 115-120 beats per minute. Examples of great mixer music are Lookin’ For Trouble, Memories, or Sweet Home Chicago. The deejay controls the mixing, preferably with a whistle. When the music starts, both men and women circle to their left for about 10 seconds. When the deejay blows the whistle, the men dance with the women in front of them. This should last for 30-30 seconds. When the deejay blows the whistle again, the circles of men and women form up and they again circle to their left until the whistle blows. This process continues until the music ends. If controlled properly, the men should be able to dance with at least 7-8 different women, some they may not have had the opportunity to dance with before the Paul Jones.

Another mixer, the Snow Ball, starts out differently. Again the music should be a very long song. Three or four couples come onto the dance floor, the music starts and dancing begins. When the deejay blows the whistle, the couples break off dancing and go get someone else that didn’t start out and brings them onto the dance floor. Again, they should dance 30-40 seconds until the deejay blows the whistle again. The process is repeated until everyone in on the floor dancing.

Both mixers give the men a great opportunity to practice their lead capabilities with many different women. Some couple will meet for the first time during these mixers. It is recommended when a mixer has been completed, the deejay changes the pace and plays a couple of slow songs. This gives everyone the op-portunity to “cool down” from dancing to a long, fast song. If a manor woman have just met during the mixer

and they find one another attractive, a little slow music may be ideal and timely for them to further cultivate a possible relationship in, and off, the dance floor.

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