Carolina Shag and Beach Music channel on SiriusXM radio

SiriusXM satellite radio is offering a new, limited time "Carolina Shag" channel. It's been going since May, but there is still time to enjoy some great vintage R&B tunes.

"Carolina Shag, the new limited-engagement channel on Ch. 13, is a deep dive into the vintage R&B sounds of what came to be called Beach Music."

The channel will be available until September 6th, 2017. However, there is a petition to keep it going here: "Make SiriusXM's Carolina Shag Channel Permanent."

"We the undersigned urge SiriusXM Satellite Radio to "Hold Back The Night" and find a permanent slot for Carolina Shag beach music programming heard now on a temporary basis on Channel 13 so that "It Will Stand."

Maybe it will get their attention.

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