Shag Dance University T-shirts for sale to Benefit the Hall of Fame Foundation

New "Shag Dance University" T-shirts are on sale now and one hundred percent of the money raised is going to the Hall Of Fame Foundation/Friends Helping Friends. From the website:

"In 1991 a group of friends who were bound by a common love for the music and culture that surrounds shag dancing came together to discuss how one of their group was in financial need due to bad health. They decided that they wanted to help out their friend's situation. From that meeting the Hall of Fame Foundation was born. In their efforts to aid a friend, the members of The Foundation found a gift for themselves...they discovered the gift of giving. The spirit born in that meeting and fed on the gift of giving has grown over the years.Today The Foundation carries on in the tradition set forth by their founding members. We strive to seek out and assist members of the shag dancing community who need our assistance. Our motto is "Friends Helping Friends."

So it's a worthy cause and you get a great t-shirt! The Hall of Fame Foundation is a 503c charity and your purchase is tax deductible. Cost for each shirt is $25 plus $6 shipping.

Here's what's available -

Men's shirts in Light Blue available in small through XXXL

Women's in Royal and Navy Blue available in V-Neck small through XXL

Send your payment by check to:

Hall of Fame Foundation

1301 N Poplar Street

Aberdeen NC 28315

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