US Open Swing Dance Championship Television Show

The US Open Swing Dance Championship ( is the largest International Swing Dance competition of the year. This year will be the 35th Anniversary of the Open, which means this event is also the oldest swing competition in the world. The competition falls on Thanksgiving Weekend, November 22nd - 26th in Burbank, CA. According to the Open's website, eighteen countries will be represented and there will be twenty-nine competitive divisions. More than 1000 attendees are expected and several different passes and seating options are available.

This year's competition is especially exciting because it is going to be taped to produce a one hour cable ready TV show! The show is scheduled to be broadcast in 2018 on cable tv, network tv and internet streaming. How cool is that?

Total estimated budget to release the video is $75K, which is why a Kickstarter campaign was started. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter goal of $25K was not reached, but donations are still being accepted by Phil Dorroll and Ruth Farmer. Many dance professionals and celebrities are lending their support by offering rewards for donations. For example, for your pledge of $150 or more, you will receive a DVD From Jordan& Tatiana along with a 2017 Souvenir Program, a US Open Tote Bag and your own Swing 2017 TV Pilot from GDTV. The rewards and prizes are listed on the fundraiser page here:

Here is a special message from Robert Royston, winner of eight U.S. Open Swing Dance Championship Titles in 5 divisions.

For more information visit and the US Open Swing Dance Facebook page.

After liking the Facebook page, you will have the opportunity to join the “US Open 2017 TV Broadcast Project” group for access to weekly updates, donor recognition and special offers related to the project and it’s progress.

Please share this post and links with your friends so we can make this vision a reality.

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