Time to Renew Your NFA Membership

To all our Full Club and Supporting Members:

It's time renew your NFA membership. We thank you for joining us in the past and ask that you renew your membership with us for 2018.

Our ASCAP, BMI and SESAC licensing fees covering over 400,000 dancers nationwide, did not increase from 2015-2017 and there will be no increase for 2018. We will end 2017 with over 180 social dance clubs and about 160 multi-day dance events, all under our national ASCAP, BMI and SESAC licensing umbrella. This is about a 20% growth over 2016. We fully expect another banner year in 2018 and we hope that you will remain on board the NFA.

Please complete the printable (PDF) forms below and return them to us as soon as possible. Upon receipt, we will send you a Participation Confirmation for your 2018 records.

Printable Full Club Membership Form

Printable Club Participation Agreement

Printable Event Participation Agreement (for clubs that host Multi-day events)

Printable Supporting Membership Form

Printable Event Participation Agreement

If you prefer, you may go to our website and complete the Membership Form and Event Participation Agreements online. This way you are able to take care of your NFA affiliation easily in just minutes. You may download our new logos here: https://www.fastdancers.com/logos.

If you’re interested in General, Event or Officers & Directors Liability Insurance, we have a new firm that we are affiliated with.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Bill Maddox

President, National FastDance Association


P.S. Keep in touch with us on our social media accounts. Join up with us to receive the latest and greatest. Send us your videos, photos, flyers, articles or reviews and we will share them on these accounts. We will be happy to provide links and information about your club or event along with the content.

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