2018 Multi-Day Events Map

Click on map for larger, interactive map of all our multi-day events

Here is how the map looks so far for 2018 scheduled multi-day events and conventions. We will be adding more events as the year goes on. Already there are 108 scheduled events that we know about.

To add your event, sign up to become a supporting member of the National FastDance Association. It's only $60/yr for membership. Then if you like you you can get your performing rights licenses through the NFA as well. Licenses can be secured for multi-day dance events for about the cost of two or three event passes. It's a great deal and an inexpensive way to avoid unnecessary risks. We will PROMOTE your multi-day events by adding them to our event directory, our social media and our newsletters. Since the performance rights organizations provide no promotion at all, this is an important reason for NFA affiliation. Promotion is not their business but as a national dance organization, it is an important element in the services we provide.​ If you prefer to sign up as a member club, your events will also be covered.

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