20 Reasons to Choose the Nat'l FastDance Association

The National FastDance Association provides dancers with discounted music licensing and access to liability insurance. Our members receive substantial savings on music licensing fees for their dance activities, and promotion of their clubs and events. We actively promote our members on our website, in our newsletter, and on social media. We invite you to join our community of dancers, which includes over 500 members and multi-day events. Join now to start receiving the benefits of NFA membership. http://www.fastdancers.com

  1. Our mission is to promote, preserve, and pass along the various fast dance styles to future generations.

  2. We have more than 20 years experience working with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.

  3. We provide our members with huge savings on music licenses.

  4. Our members receive promotion of their clubs and events on our website, in our newsletter, and on social media.

  5. We have a proven track record, and provide testimonials from our members.

  6. We have speedy, personalized customer service.

  7. We have solid, long term relationships with our members.

  8. We process all reports and paperwork for our members.​

  9. We provide access to medical and life insurance, event liability insurance, and officers & directors liability insurance.

  10. Our organization has more than 500 members and events.

  11. We welcome your dance organization, whether profit or non-profit, chartered or non-chartered.

  12. There is no requirement for our members to distribute a newsletter.

  13. No initiation fees!

  14. No other club in your area can block your affiliation.

  15. There is no requirement to have annual meetings.

  16. There is no bylaw requirement.

  17. There is no waiting period from the time paperwork is submitted. Your club or event is immediately affiliated with the NFA, and any music licenses take effect immediately.

  18. There is no referral requirement.

  19. We offer a 100% money back guarantee!

  20. Your passion is our passion!

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