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Footloose Friends is the brainchild of Greg and Allison Krolicki. In early 2011 we brought together dance instructors, social and competitive dancers, and formed the nonprofit organization Footloose Friends. Our primary purpose is to promote and organize partner dancing opportunities. We produce and host a monthly dance party, lessons, and special dance events.

Footloose Friends also donates funds to local pediatric eye care efforts and charitable causes, and has been granted 501 (C) (3) nonprofit status by The Internal Revenue Service.

Our involvement in the Blind Community is due to my also being blind. I lost my eyesight between 1996 and 1997 to pigmentary glaucoma. Prior to that I made a living as a commercial artist and also participated in social and competitive partner dancing. Following the loss of my eyesight, I retired from professional work. Despite that change, my wife Allison and I travel frequently to dance conventions and still participate as competitors. My being blind is a nuisance, but that has not limited our ability to enjoy the activity.

Several years ago, Footloose Friends was given the opportunity to teach partner dance to interested students at Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB).

Through our collective years of experience, we are teaching WSSB students how to dance Single Step Swing.

They are learning how to move in time with the music, how to apply the basic technique of this dance and how to act and react (lead & follow as partners).

Regardless of each young dancer’s ability to see, they are dancing, laughing, changing partners and getting a workout. Our hope is that in the long term, these young people will develop better balance, spatial awareness, confidence in teamwork and continue using positive social skills with their classmates and friends.

For more information about Footloose Friends or the Washington State School for the Blind, visit:

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